How it Works

Our sleeping modules are designed to slide into a van in under 8 hours! This means you can show up in the morning on your scheduled pickup day and be sleeping in your van that evening. How do we do this? Our sleeping modules are build ahead of time to meet your needs.


What do we need to know?

Our Modules

  • Single Tier - Our single tier system provides a single bed for sleeping 2 and then storage underneath. The height of the single tier is adjustable depending on which van the module will be installed. The single tier also includes all of the great hooks and storage features found in the double tier.

  • Double Tier - Our double tier system provide two beds for sleeping up to 4 plus storage underneath. The double tier allows the lower bed to be removed and then bikes, sups, or kayaks can be stored inside while two people sleep on the top.

Total Costs?

Are you wondering how much a completed van will costs once you add our conversion kit? Here are some examples and estimates. We are also available to help you find used vans if that is the route you choose to pursue.

1) Ford Transit Low Roof Long:

  • Used van plus conversion kit ($26,000 to $29,000)

  • New van plus conversion kit ($38,000 to $42,000)

2) Ford Transit Mid Roof Long:

  • Used van plus conversion kit ($32,000 to $35,000)

  • New van plus conversion kit ($42,000 to $45,000)

3) Ford Transit High Roof Extended:

  • Used van plus conversion kit ($49,000 to $53,000)

  • New van plus conversion kit ($55,000 to $60,000)



We want to make your order process as simple as possible. We need to know what van you are planning to buy and how many people you are going to sleep. If you are unsure which van to buy then just mention that in the message and we can help steer you on your way. Once you fill out the form below we can give you a firm price. We try to keep the ordering process simple and easy. All of our great features are standard!

We only require a $750 to $2000 deposit to get started on your build!

Our kits are designed to fit in the passenger version of the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.

We also do not install insulation, walls, floors, or ceiling.

Are you confused about what our kits are then please watch the videos above since you will be able to see our kits in a Ford Passenger van from our rental fleet.

Or call us at: 1-888-861-6776

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Sleep System

Sleeping System.

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Sink and Preperation Area